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Pluriversum. About Lucien Goethals
a collection of SPECTRA'S best recordings of Goethals' music.

Released March 2016, the 23rd.

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1. Pampa (1979) 8'26"
2. Lecina (1966) 8'41"
3. Cuatro poemas (1998) 14'03"
4. Cascaras (1969) 9'58"

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The CD of our birthday concert '20 years; for the record' was released on February 24th.

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Illustrated book, with images of Sebastiaan Van Doninck, based on the performance 'Frankenstein' by SPECTRA, told and sang by Pieter Embrechts (Dutch). With music of Heinz Karl Gruber.

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ISBN 9789020995947
Published by Lannoo
NUR-code 274



 This 'Fingerprints CD' is the ultimate result of a project that was initiated by the Flanders' Composers Archipelago to promote contemporary music from Flanders. In 2007, the organisation called on its members to write a 'fingerprint'; a short composition for SPECTRA. This CD offers a broad selection of the miniature compositions. The recording was realised by VRT-KLARA while Flanders Music Centre committed itself to the production of the CD.

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